WOD Sat 4-12-14
April 11, 2014
WOD Mon 4-14-14
April 13, 2014

Rest Day Sun 4-13-14


What do you do when you meet resistance?  And where do you find it comes from most?

Friend: “Why do you work out so hard, what are you training for anyway?!”

Family Member: “You know you’ll never follow through on THAT right?”

Society: “Listen, taking these pills and drinking this shake is WAY easier than all that hard work and discipline”

You: “I’ve always been bad at self control”

Which of these do you identify with?  This isn’t some smarmy self-actualization speech, just a simple message – you can choose to change.  You can choose to be better every day.  You are not only the sum total of all the bad decisions you have made and you can elevate yourself whenever you feel like it.

For things to change, things have to change.  And don’t expect it to come without resistance.