WOD Sat 5-3-14
May 2, 2014
WOD Mon 5-5-14
May 4, 2014

Rest Day Sun 5-4-14

You will not be successful because of what anyone gives you.

 As a coach – I want to give you everything, the best physical programming, the best time of the day to workout, the best nutrition advice, the best movement analysis, the best overall experience in the gym that makes you as successful as possible.  But in the end I can’t want it for you.  You will not achieve your fullest potential until you need that last perfect rep the way a drowning person needs to breathe.  Many people dream of success or “want” to be good at what they do, most of them don’t want it more than they want to be cool, or to eat cupcakes, or more than they want to sleep.  If you are reading this then I believe you are not in that crowd.  You are in the crowd that has found that spark, found that drive to push past your barriers of uncomfortable and make what was impossible yesterday a reality today.  Take a deep breath and think about how bad you need that oxygen.


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