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STEP 1: COME IN AND CHECK US OUT (And get a FREE workout if you want!)

Your visit intro session is complimentary (a $50 value). You will have the opportunity to choose whether to workout or get the "No-Sweat Intro". We will use this opportunity to understand your fitness goals and your specific training needs, while providing you the opportunity to get a feel for our culture, coaches, and facilities.

After trying our intro workout, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about joining our community.

Book Free Intro Session

Email us at INFO@CROSSFITMANITOWOC.COM, or text/call us at (920) 242-2284 with any other questions you may have.


Yep it's that simple. You show up - we take care of the rest. No more guessing or wondering what to do today. You now have a tier-one fitness program available at your convenience, coaches who truly care about you, and a community to support you every day. CrossFit IS the fast lane to fitness but as with any program there is learning to be done before you go full speed. The first 2 weeks of your membership will be spent in our intensive introductory series which meets Mon/Wed/Fri at either 6am or 7pm. During these 6 x 1 hour training sessions you will be professionally instructed in the major movements, workout formats, training goals and priorities, as well as receive valuable nutrition and meal planning guides, all in a small group setting designed for maximum effectiveness. The intro series is designed to develop basic techniques needed to be safe and effective in the CrossFit Manitowoc group classes and also to give you the necessary context from which to frame your journey. The series is structured to gradually introduce newcomers to the movements and intensity that are fundamental to achieving the results you want. Intro series starts every other week and no matter when you want to sign up we will have an option for you to start immediately. Contact us regarding times not listed on the schedule or personal/small group training intros as well. CrossFitters transferring from another gym please contact us to discuss bypassing the 101 series.

Step 3: Commit to your transformation

Understand that we are not your typical gym. We did say it was simple - we did not say it was easy. You will be challenged every day you come in the door, but the job of the professional coach is to give you a challenge that is appropriate for your ability, whether you are coming off the couch at age 70 because your doctor made you or you want to chase down the pros at the CrossFit Games. We are instructors of the most superior General Physical Preparedness fitness program on Earth. Our mission is to help people change their lives for the better and we do so by providing world-class coaching to help you help yourself in reaching your goals.

Our Training Program:

  • CrossFit Instruction
  • Olympic Lifting Training Sessions
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Leadership and Motivation Training
  • Group support
  • A designated coach to help you manage your goals
  • Off-site Events
  • Food Log Reviews
  • Monthly Challenge Events (nutrition/physical challenges)
  • A positive, supportive, and family-friendly environment where you can train to be your best self.
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