We don’t share your private information with anyone, ever.

We don’t sell private or public information to anyone, ever.


When signing up for a membership or purchasing products you are authorizing charges to your credit card.

After purchasing monthly memberships you will be held to the terms and conditions specified in your membership agreement. A copy of the agreement can be viewed here.


Members have the right to cancel any membership until midnight of the 3rd operating day after the date of purchase of any membership. If within this time period you decide you want to cancel this membership, you may do so by notifying CrossFit Manitowoc by any writing mailed (emailed) or delivered to CrossFit Manitowoc at our location, within the previously described time period. If you do so cancel, any payments made by you will be refunded within 21 days after notice of cancellation is delivered.

We are not your ordinary gym. Our rules are likely different from those posted at the last place you worked out.

They are part of what makes us different and a large reason why our Community is so strong.


Check your ego at the door. There is always someone out there bigger, faster and stronger than you.

You are most likely not a master at any of the movements you will do here and that is part of the reason you are here, and most of the reason for the Coaches.

Leave your “Can’t” and your foul language at home. Punishment is 5 burpees.

Be on time for class. Give yourself enough time to change clothes, put on your shoes, and warmup.

Respecting people means respecting other people’s time.

Clean up after yourself. Clean up your sweat, blood and chalk. Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, bandages, water bottles and sweaty clothes.

Put away all the equipment you used.

Respect the equipment. Put things down gently. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. Keep your weight under control.

NEVER drop an empty barbell. Don’t drop the kettlebells at all.

Take ownership. If you notice that equipment is broken, lights are out, there’s no toilet paper, bring it to our attention so we can fix it.

Be an active part of our Community. Introduce yourself to everyone you don’t know. Post on our website. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Come out to our social events. Make everyone around you better.

Know your limits. Know when to back off and when to turn it up. If you get hurt you can’t train. If you can’t train, you can’t get more fit.

You’re here to get more fit. Need advice? Ask your Coach.

Don’t cheat. No one will care what your score is, but everyone will care if you cheat. Be honest with yourself and everyone else.

Use full range of motion. If you lose count, the next number is always 1.

Come to class regularly. Get consistent with your training. Don’t just do your own thing.

Everyone needs coaching and can benefit from working on the basics.

Don’t let injuries get in your way. There are always substitutions and modifications that you can make.

You are responsible for your own fitness, health and safety. Our workouts are tough. The weight is heavy.

If you need to scale back, or aren’t comfortable, tell the coach, and do so. This is being smart, not weak.

Don’t worry about how you look. Worry about how you perform.

Use the Coaches. They are there to help you become the best athlete you can be. Ask them questions. Ask them to critique your form.

Ask them how to make yourself better.


Open gym is included in unlimited memberships or will count as 1 of your 3 classes per week if enrolled in 3x weekly membership.

For 3x weekly athletes, no more than 1 of your 3 classes can be an Open gym period.

Additional open gym passes can be purchased for $5/day

You must have completed the 101 class to attend open gym

Open Gym is not a coached session. A coach will be on premises but no class will be led.

Open Gym is intended as a skill/cardio/lifting time block. If you work some conditioning into this time that is fine BUT:

Certain forms of maximum intensity exercise are not permitted. This is a safety issue and will require some judgment on your part. Examples of “not allowed” will be things like (but not limited to) 1RM Snatch/Clean & Jerk/Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press, Fran/Diane/Elizabeth/Linda/Christine-or any hero WOD. However – if you want to max out your doubleunders, row a 2K for time, or see how many situps you can do in 2 minutes, knock yourself out. This policy is subject to interpretation by the coach on staff and if there are any questions the coach has the right to squash any unsafe activity at any time. Coaches have earned the right to workout at their discretion and may be doing some of these things during open gym, this is a privilege afforded by being a coach. Our insurance company thanks you for your cooperation.

Make sure you have a plan for what you are going to do before coming to Open Gym

Equipment will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis

Please put away anything you got out or re-arranged to do your workout.

Strength time during olympic lifting class will be subject to equipment in use by the class, but there is normally enough to allow 8-10 other athletes access to most of what they would need.


The Express class is a shorter CrossFit group workout that contains only the high-intensity metabolic conditioning style workouts. The workouts may not be exactly the same as the daily programmed workout depending on equipment needs but likely will have the same theme to keep your week’s training consistent.

This is not the first 30 minutes of a 1 hour class that begins at 5:30

Express classes are limited to 8 athletes (initially, expansion based on demand and equipment use will be evaluated).

The class cap will be enforced, and the class will be limited to the 30 minute block assigned for direct instruction by the coach.

There will be a standard warmup performed at each class, and the athletes in the class will be expected to move swiftly through the setup and take-down process.

This will be an overlapping class, so be prepared to take initiative, move around others, and get the workout done in the midst of other activity

Express classes are not intended for newer athletes – if you are wondering whether or not the express class is a good option for you – ask a coach

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