WOD Fri 7-20-12
July 19, 2012
WOD Mon 7-23-12
July 22, 2012

WOD Sat 7-21-12

The Character of Our Community

This is a photo from Saturday night at the CrossFit Games in Carson CA, held over the last weekend.  What you see in the picture is a group of competitors, the top of the food chain in CrossFit, cheering on the last few people to finish their heat.  Imagine in baseball a pitcher who strikes out the first two batters in an inning, and then runs over to the opposing team’s dugout and tells them “come on guys, go for it, you still have one out left, give it your best!” and really meaning it.  Imagine an Olympic marathon runner staying around after winning the gold medal and cheering on the rest of the field as they come across the finish line.  That kind of sportsmanship is rarely found elsewhere but is a hallmark of the CrossFit community all the way to the top levels and is a great example of what we are trying to build at CrossFit Manitowoc. It happens because of the bonds we forge together in and out of the gym but it is not automatic.  Encouraging your teammates, engaging the community on Facebook and in the site comments section, and getting out of the gym for bike rides, trail runs, football, bbq etc. is what really makes it happen and you guys are great at it.   CFM is community focused and athlete driven and YOU, the athletes, are what makes it work.  Your coaches are humbled and blessed every day to be here – what better than to be able to surround yourself with people you want to be around for at least a chunk of every day!  
 500M Row, arm and hip DROM then:
3 rounds NFT:
5 jumping pullups
5 wallballs 
5 back extensions
5 dips (rings or bench)
WOD Movement Review
Part 1: 7 Minute AMRAP
20 Jumping pullups
20 Dips (Rings are prescribed, bench is modified)
100M Run (1 lap)
Rest 3 minutes
Part 2: 7 minute AMRAP
20 Wallballs
20 Good mornings 45/25#
5 burpees
Rest 3 minutes
Cash Out (Optional for experienced athletes):
One round for max reps – Hang power clean 95/65#  (bar cannot be set down or rested on your body)
Cool down – Minimum 2 laps walk/jog, 10 situps, 10 back extensions and ~5-10 minutes stretching

Post rounds and reps completed to comments

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