Thu 11-15-12 – Deload Week – Day 4

Wed 11-14-12 – Deload Week – Day 3
November 13, 2012
Fri 11-16-12 – Deload Week – Day 5
November 15, 2012

Thu 11-15-12 – Deload Week – Day 4

How to stand – sounds simple but it’s one of the first intentional positions to go out the window when we are pushing for high intensity

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The trunk is what we think of as your “chassis” or “frame” on which the primary engines of your hips and shoulders create torque.  Build a rock solid trunk (hips/core/spine)  and position your legs and arms to create optimal external rotation torque.  

– Always be a little bit flexed while  you are walking around – 20-30% “background” stiffness in your abdominal muscles

– Always think about creating external rotation torsion at the hips (outward twist of your feet while keeping the feet pointing forward)

3 Rounds Not for time:
200M Row
10 Toe touches each leg
5 Frog Hops
30 ft Bear Crawl
30 ft Crab walk
5 Push-Jerks – Unweighted barbell
Skill: Push Jerk – spend 10 minutes drilling push jerk form and working up to appropriate weight for the WOD
4 Rounds for time (maintain intensity at 50-60% perceived exertion but try to perform each set unbroken):
10 Toes to bar
6 Box jumps – 30/24 – scale as necessary but try to go higher and put your effort into perfect jumping form
4 Shoulders to Overhead 95/65 –  not maximal weight here, make these reps p-e-r-f-e-c-t.  We only want enough weight so you have to think about it
 Cool Down:
Walk/row cool down as necessary.  Stretch triceps, chest, shoulders, foam roller on middle and lower back.  Seal stretch Abs
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