Fri 11-16-12 – Deload Week – Day 5

Thu 11-15-12 – Deload Week – Day 4
November 14, 2012
Sat 11-17-12 – Deload Week – Day 6
November 16, 2012

Fri 11-16-12 – Deload Week – Day 5

The Squat deconstructed – excellent and long article about squatting correctly and some great ways to improve your squat.  

Read this  article as several warmup drills for today are shown in the videos.

Whether your squat is great or developing everyone should have a look at the mobility drills and tips for better squatting in this article.

Jenny T. going over head 5am style

500M Row then spend 5 minutes on 
– Half kneeling adductor dips
– Prone Hips Flexed hip rocking
– Split stance adductor mobilization
(All short videos in article above)
Skill: Muscle Up
Spend 10 minutes practicing the progression or attempting reps as time allows.  Make sure you know where you are in the line of progression from the very beginning to full un-assisted muscle ups
Conditioning – Partner WOD
5 rounds for total time – alternating efforts with a partner
250M Row
10 Plyometric/clapping pushups (scale as necessary, these can be done with bands, on knees, or with hands elevated above ground level – ask a coach if you have questions on how)
– This is a tag-team effort, Partner #1 will perform a complete round and tag partner #2 – workout is complete when partner #2 completes his/her 5th round
– Each partner will perform 5 rounds
– Perform the full row/pushup round before switching
– Partners cannot be working at the same time
Cool down: 
Walk/jog 2 laps, pec & shoulder stretch between laps
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