WOD Mon 11-19-12 “Angie”
November 18, 2012
WOD Wed 11-21-12
November 20, 2012

WOD Tue 11-20-12

Jess & Lisa – tight core and strict form on the deadlift

(0-15) Warmup:
10 Pass throughs
10 burpees
Run 4 laps
4 rounds through Burgner Warmup – 4th round with unweighted barbell – Ladies see if you can do it with the new Bella bars!
2 minute strict squat bottom hold/stretch (This will be timed and done as a group)
(15-35) Skill/Strength: Snatch 7 x 3
7 Sets of 3 reps each at a working load
– Warmup sets don’t count, make sure each set is at a challenging weight and the goal is to find your 3 rep max (3RM) snatch
– Each rep touches the ground but no more than a touch-and-go at the bottom
– This movement is “ground to overhead in one motion” but try to work on catching as close to the bottom of the squat as possible
– If you muscle or power snatch – ride the lift down to the bottom of the squat and then stand it up
(35-50) Cash out:
50 reps for time: Overhead squat 95/65 (Int 75/45, Beg 45/25)
If you drop the bar before the last rep perform 5 burpees
(50-00) Cool Down:
Minimum row 500M easy pace, foam roller posterior chain and middle, lower back
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