Mon 12-31-12 – Deload Week – Day 1

WOD Sat 12-29-12
December 27, 2012
Tue 1-1-13 – Deload Week – Day 2
December 31, 2012

Mon 12-31-12 – Deload Week – Day 1

Ahh…Deload week.  If you have never done de-load week at CFM – the idea is to insert a week of active recovery into our high intensity training program during which we focus on form, skill development, and mobility.  Our workouts will be executed at approximately 50-60% perceived exertion and a similar reduction in volume.  This does not mean we do nothing, it doesn’t mean you won’t be sore, and it does not mean it is “easy”.  You will however, be forced to rest and go slower than normal, which may feel strange.  Focus on form and worry less about time and weight.  Our mobility focus for this week is shoulders and arm position.  We will be posting a daily shoulder mobility or movement video and incorporating those techniques into our warmups and cool downs.  As always if anyone has questions ask a coach!


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Today spend a good 15 minutes working shoulder mobility and position for the overhead squat

Here is a video of some CFM Athletes showing one way to perform the barbell mobilization from Mobility WOD’s clip above:

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3 rounds not for time:
10 calorie row
10 pass throughs
10 OHS (perform final round with unloaded bar)
10 sec handstand hold or modify per a coach
5 reps squat stretch and hold – 5 sec down, 5 sec hold, 5 sec up
Conditioning (Perform “for time” at 50-60% perceived exertion)
3 rounds
Shuttle run
15 OHS with empty bar
15 Calorie row
15  Good mornings
Cool down, stretch out and post your thoughts to comments


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