WOD Wed 2-6-13
February 5, 2013
WOD Fri 2-8-13
February 7, 2013

WOD Thu 2-7-13

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Watch the position and progression in this short video on how Cal Strength does the clean.  Spend some time dialing in your rack and receiving positions


3 Rounds
250M Row
1 minute stretch – Front Rack Position (forearms, shoulders)
1 minute squat stretch
Clean Warmup complex (Unloaded barbell)
3 Reps – “Jump & Catch”
3 Reps – “Jump-catch & pause, front squat”
3 reps – squat clean
Strength/Skill: 3 position clean – high to low
The 3 position clean is 3 reps of a squat clean performed from decending starting heights.  The first rep will be from the pocket, or about 4-6 inches below full hip extension.  The second rep will be started halfway between hip and knee joint, and the third rep will be from just above the knee
–  7 sets (one set is the full progression, high, mid, low)
– We will start as a group and begin a new set every 2 minutes
– Try to increase weight as we go through but focus on technique
– Early arm bend will kill your pull especially on the first rep – resist the urge to dip deeper than prescribed
3 rounds for time
30 ft. reverse walking lunge 
30 ft. bear crawl
10 burpees
10 pullups
Cool down: 
Easy 500M row, stretch traps, shoulders, hips and hamstrings
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