WOD Wed 3-20-13 “Grace”

WOD Tue 3-19-13
March 18, 2013
WOD Thu 3-21-13 (CF Games Open WOD #3)
March 20, 2013

WOD Wed 3-20-13 “Grace”

CrossFit Games Open Competitors – this is a great day to rest, eat clean, and get lots of sleep.  If you come in spend an hour on active recovery, mobility on your personal trouble areas, and goat work with light weight.

We love filling up that board!

2 x 50 jump rope singles, 30-45 sec rest between sets
5 minutes doubleunder practice
2 rounds through this barbell warmup set:
20 sec stiff leg barbell stretch at feet
3 x high-hang power clean (start with bar at “the pocket”)
3 x low-hang power clean (start with bar at top of knee) – try to keep the bar in contact with your legs as you accelerate up
3 x power cleans (start with bar at mid-shin) – don’t jump with the bar out front
3 x shoulder press
3 x push press
3 x push jerk
3 x squat clean & jerk
Remember that as explosive as the hip-drive should be – the retreat of the hips back and down in the catch is just as fast!  It should look like someone punched you in the crease of the hip immediately after you finish the drive!
Benchmark WOD: ‘Grace’
30 reps for time – Clean & Jerk – 135/95 (Int: 115/85, Beg: 95/65)
Cool down:
1) 500M easy row
2) Figure 4 stretch (seated) – 2 x 30 sec each leg
3) Triceps stretch with PVC pipe
4) LAX ball low back – find those knots and sit on them 
5) Foam roller glutes and hip flexors – 2 x 10 passes each side
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