WOD Mon 6-3-13 “Karen”

Sat 6-1-13 – Deload Week – Day 5
May 31, 2013
WOD Tue 6-4-13
June 3, 2013

WOD Mon 6-3-13 “Karen”

Terry flipping the tire like a quarter

Top 5 Reasons to be a CrossFitter:

5.  It’s not just about the workouts, it’s about the community and being in a place where everyone wants you to be better

4.  Because of number 5 – you will push yourself further than you ever thought possible and it will feel incredible

3.  You are tougher than you think you are.  If you haven’t proven that to yourself yet give it a few months.

2.  Every day you have your own personal cheering section!

1.  You have one heck of a support crew.  CFM isn’t here because we’re better than nothing, we’re here because we are VERY good at what we do, and that is improving the functional work capacity of anyone who wants to put in the effort.  YOU CAN do this and your coaches can see through to the potential that lies behind the butterflies and nerves before the WOD!

Group DROM drills and personal goat work – 5 minutes, then
3 rounds not for time
200M run
30 sec bar on knees stretch
5 Barbell front squats
5 Wallball shots 
Benchmark WOD: “Karen”
150 Wallball shots for time
– Rx for ladies is 14# ball to 9 ft line, guys is 20# ball to 10 ft line
Cool Down:
1 – Walk/Stretch & cheer for anyone who finishes after you do
2 – Foam roller – quads, hips
3 – Banded hamstrings & quads stretch
4 – Foam roller or barbell triceps smash
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