WOD Wed 8-14-13 “Nicole”
August 13, 2013
WOD Fri 8-16-13
August 15, 2013

WOD Thu 8-15-13

5 minutes personal mobility work (ask a coach for suggestions if you need them!)
3 rounds through Burgner Warmup – 2x with PVC, final round with barbell
Skill/Strength: Snatch:
 – 15 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max
– Beginner and Novice athletes should work on technique and go up in weight in controlled increments AFTER clearing with a coach.  
– If you are assigned drills to do instead of going for max weight – THIS IS A GIFT from a coach who cares about your long-term fitness, check that ego and learn the movements and remember – if you can’t do it right – you can’t do it
“Death by”
Wallballs and Doubleunders (Sub 3 for 1 singles) alternating minutes
– In this workout, with a continuously running clock, perform the same number of repetitions of each exercise as the minute increment on the timer, alternating even and odd minutes between Wallball shots and Doubleunders, until you are no longer able to meet the rep requirement within the time cap.
From time 00:00.00 to 00:59.99 (First minute) – perform 1 Wallball shot
From time 01:00.00 to 01:59.99 (Second minute) – 2 Doubleunders
Third minute – 3 Wallballs
Fourth minute – 4 Doubleunders
…as far as you can go
When you can not complete all the reps in 1 minute at one exercise you are done – count total reps for your score.  
Cool Down:
1) Easy row 400M
2) Double LAX ball – IT Band
3) LAX ball – calf, 2 x 15 ankle rotations each leg
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