12-2-13 – Deload Week – Day 1

WOD Sat 11-30-13
November 29, 2013
12-3-13 – Deload Week – Day 2
December 2, 2013

12-2-13 – Deload Week – Day 1

Deload week primer:  Deload week inserts 5-1/2 days of active recovery into our high intensity training program during which we focus on form, skill development, and mobility.  This gives your CNS, muscles and joints a longer than normal reprieve and will accelerate healing and overall recovery.  This week’s workouts will be executed at approximately 50-60% perceived exertion with a similar reduction in volume.  This does not mean we do nothing, it doesn’t mean you won’t be sore, and it does not mean it is easy.  You will however, be forced to rest and go slower than normal, which may feel strange.  Focus on form and worry less about time and weight.  Our mobility focus for this week is the neck and shoulder.  We will have a daily mobility focus that will be a greater than normal share of the class block for both warmups and cool downs.  As always if anyone has questions ask a coach!

Mobility Focus: First Rib tissue smash

– 8-10 minutes working on the traps, and first rib mobility

Gymnastics Skill: Muscle up

EMOM for 12 minutes:

Odd – 2 MU or 6 pullups/6 ring dips

Even – 16 Grasshoppers (1 rep is Left + Right leg)


WOD: 4 Rounds Not for time:

20 calorie row

20 burpees

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