Rest Day – Sun 4-20-14

WOD Sat 4-19-14
April 18, 2014
WOD Mon 4-21-14
April 20, 2014

Rest Day – Sun 4-20-14

(With a little poetic license)

There is a 99% failure rate for the general population in fitness and nutrition programs that last longer than a season.  The success stories you have heard are vastly outnumbered by the untold millions who “try” to do something about their health but are ultimately unsuccessful and fall back to their old ways.  And yet here we are, trying to be in that 1%.  If you are reading this you are in the group I’m interested in and the group that I want to pour my effort and encouragement into.  Because we can make changes, it is possible to be in that 1% and we have the plan, the blueprint, but it’s more than just showing up with the effort, though that gets you a long way.  We get into that 1% by never totally shutting off, always keeping the fire of “better every day” glowing at the back of our mind and firing it up to a blaze during the wod.  Never lose your edge and never surrender in this war to be fit.

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